Doran's Port

City of Doran’s Port:
Doran’s Port is currently a city on the decline. After a plague infected and killed a quarter of the population twenty years ago, a large portion of the population left the city and now resides in small farming communities within a few days travel. As a result, large portions of the city, particularly in the older sections of the city located within the city’s walls, are abandoned. In addition, the kingdom that Doran’s Port belongs to has been engaged in a war far to the south, stripping the city of any sizable military force.

City Statistics:
Currently an estimated 13,000 adults still live in the city.
Key imports: Wool, grain, and silk
Key exports: Lumber harvested from a forest to the south, steel mined from the mountains to the west, and pearls
Most common food: fish
Ruled by a council of nobles

Geographic Details:
Doran’s Port is located at the mouth of the Ban’Tau River. Historically it has acted as the first defense from a sea invasion that would allow invaders to sail up the Ban’Tau straight into the heart of the kingdom. Though its army is all but nonexistent, it maintains a strong naval presence> The navy, coupled with the natural geographical features of the coast, make landing an invading force difficult at best.

Doran’s Shields: While landing an invading army along the coast is difficult, sailing into the river mouth to land an army would be relatively easy. Because of this, the original rulers of the city had two massive towers built, one on each side of the river. In the event of an invading force of ships being spotted, a magical device in the towers is activated, making it impossible for a ship to advance, but still allowing the river water to continue its natural flow. In addition, the devices acts as a signal fire, alerting both the inhabitants of the city, as well as the next tower in a chain of towers, designed to spread a warning and summon reinforcements.

The city wall only protects the oldest portion of the city and has three gates, one on the west side , one on the north side, and the third is located to the south. While citizens of Doran’s Port refer to the area of city beyond the walls generally as the outer city, specifically the areas of the outer city are referenced in relation to the location of the gates (ex. the outer city section on the south side is known as South Gate).

Locations of note within the city:
Doran Keep
The Arena
Merchant’s Quarter
Temple Row

Nice inn – The Scarlet Parrot
Bad Inn – The Leaky Tub
Middle of the road inn – The Stuffed Boar

Mountains to the west are heavily mined, though in recent months production has dropped off greatly due to raids from tribes of orcs, kobolds, and goblins

Portions of the forest to the south are harvested for lumber. Though the region known as The Black Acres is left untouched, due largely to rumors of the woods being haunted.

Doran's Port

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